Master Waste Water and Water Servicing Plan

The Municipality of Shuniah (Municipality) is located east of the City of Thunder Bay. Properties exist along Lakeshore Drive, along Highways 11/17, 527 and 587, small municipal roads, along the shorelines of Lake Superior, Bass Lake, Loon Lake, and Sparks Lake. Property types include residential, recreational, commercial and institutional. Long-term demographic trends and an increased comfort level with commuting has created a potential demand in permanent residential property in areas that have historically been recreational. To address this demand in a structured manner that conforms to Provincial policy and regulatory directions, municipalities have focused initial energies on development of updated Official Plan (OP). These OP’s require utility servicing approaches to be clearly addressed to ensure sustainable communities are developed and maintained. KGS Group has been retained to provide engineering services for a Master Wastewater and Water Servicing Plan Study for the Municipality of Shuniah to address this need.

The intention of the study is to identify current and projected high density development areas which may require municipal services and in doing so help provide the Municipality with a strategic framework for development for these areas. Additionally, the Municipality would like to explore the possibility of disregarding the distinction between seasonal residential and residential while retaining the policy to control further development impacts in high density areas. It is anticipated that through targeted infrastructure in projected high density development areas, some existing shoreline residential lots could become eligible for conversion to full time residential status.

Please read the full document here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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