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Monday July 23rd 7:00 PM

St. Paul’s United Church, 349 Waverly St. Thunder Bay

This is an important discussion regarding the protection of your health and property values and we encourage every member to attend

The Municipality of Shuniah has recently received the provincially mandated Master Wastewater and Water Servicing Study completed by KGS Engineering as part of our requirements for implementing our upcoming Official Plan.

The report from KGS has indicated that the current state of servicing in the Associations and other areas of high density is unknown. It has further indicated that until a comprehensive study is completed, it is not in the best interest for our citizens or the Municipality to continue with unsustainable development that could ultimately end in municipal servicing at a great cost to the residents affected.

The Association areas which are generally characterized by undersized lots and varied or informal sewage management and drinking water supplies are areas of concern. Therefore, the Municipality must consider viable options to support responsible development and in doing so we need the Associations to be at the table to work together to develop a plan.

The Municipality has made a presentation to your Association Board Members for their comments and feedback and now we would like to invite all members from all the Associations to this stakeholder meeting. Again, we will have legal and land planning representation at the table and will be providing our proposed draft policies. We will be looking at various options and will be looking for your input in hopes of developing workable solutions and strategies for moving forward.

The date for this Association Stakeholder Meeting is July 23rd at 7:00 pm at St. Paul’s United Church, 349 Waverly St. Thunder Bay. We will be conducting other stakeholder meetings in the coming months however we would like to conduct our first round of meetings with what we anticipate being areas most significantly affected.

If you have any questions please contact Nadene Hunley-Johansen, Clerk/Manager of Planning at the Municipal Office, 807-683-4545 or email

Please find enclosed some highlights of the proposed changes we anticipate becoming part of the Municipality’s Official Plan.Type your paragraph here.


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