Association Properties

A Cottage Association is defined in the Shuniah Official Plan as “an organization of persons … which holds title to blocks or parcels of land upon which a number of individually-owned dwellings are located. The dwellings are owned by persons who are members or shareholders in the Association.” The members who own the dwellings do not owns the land and are considered to be tenants. In the case of White Birch Beach, the dwellings are located on land that is leased from the Canadian National Railway (CNR). Each Association governs how proof of ownership is demonstrated and has directors to assist members.

This differs from a freehold model of land ownership. In freehold land ownership, the person that owns the dwelling also holds title to the property the dwelling is located on.

The following Cottage Associations are located in Shuniah:

  • Ishkibbible Beach Limited
  • Clover Beach Limited
  • Floral Beach Limited
  • Green Point Campers’ Association
  • West Green Bay /Pebbly Beach Association
  • East Green Bay Campers’ Association
  • Wild Goose Bay Trust Association
  • White Birch Beach


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