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Welcome to The Municipality of Shuniah

Phone: (807) 683-4545
Toll Free: (855) 683-4545

Questions or concerns regarding the Fire Service or By-law Enforcement can be directed to:

Chief Blair Arthur
Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services
1700 Lakeshore Drive
Shuniah, ON  P7A 0T1
Phone: (807) 983-2021
Fax: (807) 983-2943

Shuniah Fire Website:

Questions regarding fire prevention or safety can be directed to the above contact information or by email at

General information can also be acquired at the Municipal Office

Municipality of Shuniah
420 Leslie Ave
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 1X8
Phone: (807) 683-4545
Fax: (807) 683-6982

Fire & Emergency

If your call is an emergency call 911 immediately.