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The 1st to 3rd place winners received prizes! All photos will make up the 2017 Shuniah Calendar. The information about each photo and the month the photo represents is listed below each photograph.

11th: April - Peter Tracz - Shuniah Soil Mates Sign - Lakeshore Dr.

12th: February - Susan Tardif - Snowy Driveway - Eldorado Beach

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph to our photo contest. We were very impressed by the talent and beautiful scenes in Shuniah. I urge all residents to continue to take picture throughout all four seasons, especially Winter, for the 2018 Shuniah Calendar! Updates on the next photo contest will be available in the Shuniah News and at in the new year!

7th: October - Donna Blunt - Sparks Lake Sunset

3rd Place: June - Donna Price - Out My Front Window - Green Point

2nd Place: May - Anne Roisin - Feeding Time - Wildgoose

5th: December - Richard Piechota - Sunset - Sunnyside Beach

9th: July - Mary Chadwick - Walking on Water - Superior Shores

Photo Contest

8th: March - Deano Michieli - Rising Giant - Ishkibbible Beach

1st Place: January - Peter Tracz - Canadian Lynx - Lakeshore Dr.

4th: September - Mary Chadwick - Seagull Island - Black Bay

6th: November - Kareen Paisley - Merged Horizon - Cedar Bay

Congratulations Photo Contest Winners!

10th: August - Susan Tardif - Canoe View - Bays End