The Municipality and their consultant team are preparing a Recreation, Parks, and Facilities Master Plan for Shuniah. The study will review the community’s existing recreational amenities and services, identify how the current populations uses those amenities today, highlight what is missing, and identify potential economic development opportunities. The plan will assure the continued enjoyment of the area for both year-round and seasonal residents.
On this website, you will find ongoing updates about the Master Plan as well as a consultation questionnaire and community map .The online consultation allows residents to assist our team in the development of the Master Plan, including it’s core principles, recommendations and priority phasing.

Please join us at the

Community Design Workshop

July 23, 5:00 – 8:00
MacGregor Recreation Centre
800 Lakeshore Drive, Shuniah

*refreshments will be provided

The Design Workshop will start with a presentation of background analysis and preliminary design ideas compiled to date. The presentation will be followed by an interactive design session where participants will be encouraged to provide their ideas to shape the Master Plan.

For more information about this study contact:
Jason Evans, Community Economic Development Officer
(807) 683-4546,

We need your involvement to guide the success of this project. Your input will greatly assist the outcome of this initiative, assuring continued enjoyment of the area for both year-round and seasonal residents. There are lots of great places to visit in Shuniah, whether it’s a trail, beach or scenic view. We are asking participants to identify their favourite places in Shuniah on the map. The interactive map allows users to ‘Add Points’ and ‘Add Routes’ to add information regarding your frequently used and loved points and routes/trails as well as areas you believe have recreational and development potential.

Shuniah Interactive Map

The Recreation, Facilities and Trails Master Plan will be examining existing amenities, identifying improvements and creating a long term recreation plan for the area.  This survey is one way community members can provide their thoughts and feedback. The feedback received will help set priorities and guide recommendation of the study.


Community Feedback Survey

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