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MTO Travellers Information Line 1 800 268-4686

You can call 5-1-1 for interactive up to date road conditions anywhere in Ontario.

Road Conditions

Reduce Your Collision Risk

• Scan the road ahead from shoulder to shoulder. When you see wildlife beside the road, slow down and pass carefully as they may suddenly bolt onto the road.
• Watch for the yellow wildlife warning signs that indicate an area of increased risk. Slow down when travelling through these areas.
• Use high beams at night where possible and watch for glowing eyes of animals.
• Stay in control. Watch your speed and take extra precautions when driving at night as visibility is greatly reduced. Slowing down will give you that extra second to respond.
• Never swerve suddenly. This could cause your vehicle to go out of control or head into oncoming traffic.
• Brake firmly if an animal is standing on, or crossing the road. Never assume the animal will move out of your way.
• Stop as safely as possible if a wild animal is crossing the road. Remember, deer often move in groups. If you see one, know there are likely more in the vicinity.
• If possible, avoid driving during dusk or dawn when most wildlife collisions occur. Swerving to avoid hitting a wild animal may result in a more serious collision. If hitting a wild animal is unavoidable, remember to stay in control.
• People who live adjacent to highways are encouraged not to feed deer as this increases the probability of motor vehicle collisions, resulting in more personal injuries and increased deer mortality.
• Motorists should watch for these

Notice of Half - Load Restriction

TAKE NOTICE that LOAD RESTRICTIONS will apply to all municipal roads within the Municipality of Shuniah effective Monday March 20, 2017 commencing at 8 a.m. and will continue during the period as designated by the Municipality of Shuniah.

Craig Baumann, Manager of Operations