In 1995, the number of households was listed as 1,971, permanent residents.​

Today, the number of households has risen to 2,887, an increase of almost 50%. The population of Shuniah is estimated at 2,348 which is based on owners whose full time or permanent address is within Shuniah. However during the summer months those numbers almost double and are estimated to be as high as 5,000.
Unique to Shuniah are the association areas stretching from just east of North Star Road to Wild Goose Park. In the association beach areas the lands are owned by the association in which the cottagers are the shareholders and in some cases lease the lands.
Being in such close proximity to the City of Thunder Bay, the Municipality of Shuniah serves mainly as a bedroom community with very little commercial development within its boundaries.​

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The area of the municipality of shuniah covers 55,374 hectares from copenhagen road at highway 11/17, bare point road east on lakeshore drive to a quarter of a mile west of ouimet canyon. The northern boundary is eight mile hill on spruce river road (hwy 527) and on the south a shoreline of approximately 40 kilometres from bare point to bays end and the shoreline on black bay.​

Shuniah has a considerable cottage population, with the first surveyed subdivision for recreational purposes being laid out in 1920 at Birch Beach.