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Shuniah Police Services Board

Business Plan

The Board prepares and continually reviews a Business Plan for the Municipality which outlines goals and level of service from the OPP.

The development of the business plan is the responsibility of the Board; however with the extent of issues that must be dealt underlines the importance of working with Council to define these roles. 

The new business plan for 2016-2019 is now completed and available for viewing or download by clicking the link below!

Role of the Board 


The Police Services Act requires municipalities to provide "adequate and effective police services according to its needs".

The Shuniah Police Services Board is a Section 10 board in which the Council of the Municipality has entered into an agreement with the Solicitor General for the provision of police services by the Ontario Provincial Police.  

Relationship with Council

The relationship between the Board and Council is important. It is mandatory that every Board enter into a protocol with Council that addresses sharing of information therefore Shuniah Council has entered into a Protocol Agreement with the Shuniah Police Services Board.

Members of the Shuniah Police Services Board are:
Robert VanNatto – Municipal Appointee
Don Smith – Legislated Position
Karen Cameron-Powell – Provincial Appointee
Wendy Hamlin - Secretary Treasurer

As per the Police Services Act, the Reeve is the Council member who sits on the Board, Council then appoints a member of the community and the third member is appointed by the province.

The Reeve may designate another member of Council if he/she so wishes. The community member is appointed each new term of Council, shortly after the Municipal Elections every four years. Provincial appointments to sit as a member of the Shuniah Police Services Board is made by applying for the position through the Ontario Public

Appointments Secretariat’s website at:​​