Association Properties – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Star?

  1. Why was Green Star implemented?
    • During the preparation and review of the new The Master Wastewater and Water Service plan (MWWSP) identified shoreline areas that are at risk of contamination. Cottage Association lands were among the properties that were determined to be at risk. The Green Star program aims to reduce this risk.
    • The Green Star program was updated in August of 2022, and information on it can be found online here (Hyperlink
    • Council has established an Association Development Committee, which is comprised of staff, a council member, a planner and representatives from each association. The committee is reviewing the Green Star Program.
  2. I don’t have a class IV septic system. If I put in a class IV septic and have approved water, can I get a building permit?
    • If you do not currently have a class IV septic and wish to put one in, you may be eligible for a building permit to add a kitchen, and a bathroom to the building. You are not able to add additional bedrooms, or other rooms at this time.
  3. Can I repair my building?
    • You can apply for a building permit to maintain, strengthen or repair an existing structure, permitted that you are not increasing the size, adding rooms, or changing the location of the structure.
    • I want to build a garage or deck. At this time, the building of decks and garages does not meet Official Plan or Green Star Program compliance and therefore building permits are unable to receive zoning approval.
  4. When can we build again?
    • The Association Development Committee is reviewing the Green Star Program. As changes to the program are made the changes will be communicated.
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