Taxes are calculated utilizing the assessment value of the property, as set by the Regional Assessment Office, and then multiplied by the Tax Rate, as set by the Municipality. There are 2 billings annually, which consist of four installments.

The first billing of the year is mailed at the end of January or beginning of February. The amount of taxes are based on 1/2 of the total amount billed in the previous year. You will only receive one bill consisting of 2 payments, which due the last Friday of February and end of April.

The final billing for taxes is mailed out at the end of July or beginning of August. The final tax billing includes the balance of the taxes due for the current year minus the interim billing and includes a breakdown of municipal and education levies. The due dates for each installment is the last Friday of August and October. Your tax bill will give you the exact dates each installment is due.

A penalty of 1.25% will be imposed on each installment or part thereof remaining unpaid after the due date and on the first day of each month in the current year and an interest rate of 1.25% imposed thereafter until such time as the tax account paid is up to date.

If you have any questions regarding your taxes please call the Municipal Office at 683-4545.

The Municipal Tax Rate

The tax rate for the year is calculated by taking the total municipal budget requirements for the year and dividing it by the total assessment of all properties in Shuniah. Rates vary depending on the Property Class of your property. Education tax rates are dictated by the province and are collected through your tax bill.

Tax bills are sent out twice a year, with each bill divided into two payments. This spreads the taxes owing for the year over 4 payment due dates. The first bill is called the Interim Tax Bill and is usually sent near the end of January with payments due in February and April. The Interim Bill is based on 50% of the prior year’s total taxes. Once the budget is set by Council in the spring, the Final Tax Bill is sent usually in July with due dates in August and October. The Final Tax Bill is based on the total taxes for the year less the Interim Tax Bill.

Any outstanding balances owing past the due dates are charged interest at 15% per annum. This interest is applied at the beginning of each month at a rate of 1.25%.

Property Taxes

Ways To Pay Your Property Taxes

There are many convenient ways to make your tax payments:

  • Pre-authorized payment plan-use – Link to Pre-Authorized Payment form
  • Internet Banking (can be set up as one time or monthly payments)
  • Payment at a bank machine with debit card
  • Telephone banking
  • Have your bank pay the taxes with your mortgage payment
  • Mailing cheques to the Municipal Office
  • You can also make payments by cheque, cash or debit at the Municipal Office

Property Assessments

Assessments in the Municipality of Shuniah are established by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation also known as MPAC. They currently use a method called Current Value Assessment (CVA) whereby it uses property sales in the community to establish your property’s assessed value. As many as 200 factors can be considered when assessing the value of a property but five major factors usually account for 85% of the value:

  • location
  • lot dimensions
  • living area
  • age of property
  • quality of construction

The higher the assessment the more you will pay in property taxes. If you feel your assessment is too high you may complete a Request for Reconsideration, at no charge, which is available fromMPAC. There is significant information available on assessments at or you may call MPAC at 1-866-296-6722

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