If your call is an emergency call 911 immediately.

Fires & Emergencies

Shuniah Fire Website: https://shuniahfire.com/

Questions or concerns regarding the Fire Service or By-law Enforcement can be directed to:

Fire Chief Blair Arthur
Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services
420 Leslie Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON  P7A 1X8
Phone: (807) 983-2021
Fax: (807) 983-2943
Email: firechief@shuniahfire.com

Questions regarding fire prevention or safety can be directed to the above contact information or by email at fireprevention@shuniah.org

General information can also be acquired at the Municipal Office

Municipality of Shuniah
420 Leslie Ave
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 1X8
Phone: (807) 683-4545
Fax: (807) 683-6982

Need a Fire Permit?

Open Air Burning Permit

Fireworks Information

For information regarding the sale and setting off of Fireworks within the Municipality of Shuniah please review our Fireworks Pamphlet and Fireworks By-law.

Fireworks Pamphlet

Fireworks By-Law 3292-23


The OPP unveiled a new online reporting system that will enable the public to report specific occurrences from a computer. Citizen Self Reporting will offer the public another way to report select incidents which are not an emergency, by completing a report online at their convenience.

The OPP is one of several Ontario police services who have adopted an Internet-based crime reporting system where people can report certain crimes such as lost property, theft from vehicles, and property damage, without an officer having to be dispatched. Only occurrences that do not involve an injury, a suspect or evidence are applicable. An officer will attend if requested by the complainant.

It is expected that Citizen Self Reporting will be beneficial to both the public and the police. It will provide a convenient alternative to the citizens of Ontario, while allowing front line officers to focus their efforts on other enforcement and crime prevention strategies within our communities.

3267 Highway 130,
Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 4V2


Emergency calls: 911

All Inquiries, Emergency and Non-emergency calls: 1-888-310-1122.

website: www.opp.ca

Citizen Self Reporting

Shuniah Police Services Board

Role of the Board


The Police Services Act requires municipalities to provide “adequate and effective police services according to its needs”.

The Shuniah Police Services Board is a Section 10 board in which the Council of the Municipality has entered into an agreement with the Solicitor General for the provision of police services by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Relationship with Council

The relationship between the Board and Council is important. It is mandatory that every Board enter into a protocol with Council that addresses sharing of information therefore Shuniah Council has entered into a Protocol Agreement with the Shuniah Police Services Board.

Members of the SPSB

Robert VanNatto – Municipal Appointee
Don Smith – Legislated Position
Karen Cameron-Powell – Provincial Appointee
Wendy Hamlin – Secretary Treasurer

As per the Police Services Act, the Reeve is the Council member who sits on the Board, Council then appoints a member of the community and the third member is appointed by the province.

The Reeve may designate another member of Council if he/she so wishes. The community member is appointed each new term of Council, shortly after the Municipal Elections every four years. Provincial appointments to sit as a member of the Shuniah Police Services Board is made by applying for the position through the Ontario Public

Appointments Secretariat’s website at:

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