Shuniah Building Department

Gregg Gigliotti
Chief Building Official
Phone: 807-620-3709

To schedule an inspection or discuss your building application please contact Gregg Gigliotti directly.

To obtain a building permit application form depending on your need, we have a full set of forms for dwellings and garages along with individual application forms. Please contact the Municipal Office if you can’t find what you need.

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  • Chief Building Official – Code of Conduct

The code of Conduct has been adopted by Council and is to be made available to the public

Shuniah Planning Department

Phone: 807-683-4540

If you have questions or would like to discuss an issue please schedule an appointment by calling 683-4545. The Planning Department provides by-law interpretation for both Council and the public; prepares amendments to by-laws, technical guidance to council, policy advisor to Committee of Adjustment; negotiates and prepares subdivision agreements.

The Planning Act applies to all development in Ontario and Provincial Policies must be complied with in any documentation or development. Shuniah has adopted an Official Plan that sets out the municipalities general policies for future land use and includes the government policies and guidelines. The Official Plan was approved by the Province in August of 1996. Further, the Municipality has adopted an Amendment to the Official Plan which was approved by the Province in April 2001.

All construction, development and use, which include plans of subdivision, must comply with the provisions of the Zoning By-law and conform to the policies of the Official Plan as well as the Planning Act and Provincial Policies. Amending zoning by-laws require circulation and notice provisions as specified in the Planning Act of Ontario. Minor variances to the zoning by-law can be processed through the Committee of Adjustment.

Any concerns or question please contact the office at 807-683-4545.

The Zoning By-Law 2038-00

The Zoning By-Law

Zoning By-law No. 2038-00, as amended, implements the designations as set within the Shuniah Official Plan. The By-law establishes zones within which permitted land uses are defined; and regulations, provisions and requirements for them are set out. The purpose of these is to establish and to implement minimum standards of health, safety, and general welfare in the community, and to facilitate sound municipal financial management, as it relates to land use.

The zoning by-law has been amended over time so keep in mind that this copy has been prepared for the purposes of convenience only and is not necessarily a true copy of the by-law; the original by-laws are lodged in the Municipal Clerk’s office.

Zoning By-law No. 2038-00 Consolidated to Mar 10 2021

2022 Zoning By-law Amendment Steps

The Zoning Map

The Zoning Map is a schedule of By-law No. 2038-00; it identifies the areas of the specific zones within the Municipality. This online copy of the zoning map is not the original schedule, but a more convenient copy; however it does not include mapping amendments at this time.

The Municipality of Shuniah accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this copy. The original map and amendments thereto are lodged in the Municipal Clerk’s office should be consulted.

Zoning Map

Committee of Adjustment

Hearings for Minor Variances and Consent Applications are scheduled as the applications are submitted. You can call our office to obtain a fee schedule.


Bill Paul- Chair

William Covello
JoAnne Hamelin

Lawrence Kellar
Donna McGrath

Jennifer Kruzick, Secretary-Treasurer

Committee of Adjustment Documents

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