Integrity Commissioners and Closed Meeting Investigators

Effective February 22, 2022, the Municipality of Shuniah has appointed Darrel Matson, Rosalie Evans and Ron Bourret as our Integrity Commissioners and Closed Meeting Investigators.

The Municipal Act, 2001 (the Act) provides that all meetings of a council shall be open to the public; however the Act further provides specific reasons why a council may choose to close a meeting to the public.  Section 239 of the Act lists those reasons.  The Act further provides a mechanism by which members of the public can, should they feel a meeting of Council has been improperly closed to the public, file a complaint in that regard.  The Act provides for means by which such complaints can be heard, investigated and responded to through a ‘Closed Meeting Investigator’.

The Integrity Commissioner and Closed Session Meeting Investigator can be contacted at:

Darrell Matson (807)767-5129

Rosalie Evans (807)627-6303

Ron Bourret (807)630-2765

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