Special Meeting of Council – Official Plan Update 2019

This event has ended

Monday March 11, 2019 6:00 Pm 420 Leslie Ave

This meeting, as are most Council’s meetings, is open to the public and Council encourages your attendance in order to become familiar with the subject matter. This meeting will not generally  an open floor discussion as is intended for the April 10th meeting (see below) , rather a broader discussion between staff and Council on the process to date and what changes staff is recommending along with other matters Council wishes to discuss. However if you have input on the matters Council is discussing you may address Council directly or submit your comments on the Comment sheets  for Council’s review.

Open House Monday April 1, 2019 MacGregor Recreation Centre 800 Lakeshore Drive- 6:00 pm.

This is the time to come in and speak to staff about the upcoming proposed changes. This is not a “meeting” rather a time to get information and discuss any questions that you may have. Again, we encourage your participation and hope that you will take the time to come out and speak to staff about any questions, concerns or clarifications you may have. We also encourage any comments you may wish to be submitted for Council’s consideration prior to the adoption of this draft Official Plan.

**Public Meeting Wednesday April 10th 6:00 pm MacGregor Recreation Centre 800 Lakeshore Drive

****This is a formal Public Council Meeting for the purpose of hearing and receiving verbal and/or written comments.

If you do not wish to participate in the meeting, we encourage you to submit your written comments at any time prior to the submission deadline (1 week prior) to the meeting of Council to adopt the draft Official Plan. This date has not yet been set but is anticipated to be during the month of May 2019.


420 Leslie Avenue
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7A 1X8

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