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The following biographies have been provided by the candidates and posted verbatim with no changes by the Clerk. The views and opinions presented are of the candidate only and are not endorsed by the Municipality of Shuniah or the Returning Officer for the 2022 Municipal Election.

Meghan Chomut

The following biography has been provided by the candidate and posted verbatim with no changes by the Office of the City Clerk. The views and opinions presented are of the candidate only and are not endorsed by the City of Thunder Bay or the Returning Officer for the 2022 Municipal Election.

I am a 4th generation Shuniah resident. Both sets of my grandparents were raised in Pearl and Pass Lake. With the strong roots that communities like Shuniah have, my parents also call Shuniah home. To say that Shuniah is important to me would be an understatement.

I have had the privilege to sit at the Council table as Councillor for the past two years and have been actively involved in committees which foster collaboration and are working towards growth in areas that are key to our Municipality. I graduated from Lakehead with a major in Finance and in my career I am trained to be numbers focused but also factor in all material variables. I tend to ask a lot of questions as it’s important for me to ensure that decisions are weighed for not only short-term results but also long-term considerations.

My background provides the asset of being fiscally responsible and my love for Shuniah and the people here ensure that when contributing to the conversation I am considering the municipality as a whole; from new families entering our community, to cottagers that come here for down time, to our seniors.  I make it a priority to always be respectful and approachable so that as a Councillor I am making decisions WITH you not FOR you to ensure that everyone feels heard and their ideas are brought forward.

I am a strong advocate for our school, McKenize. In addition to being the Chair of the McKenzie School Council or the last 5 years, since becoming a Councillor in 2020 I’ve had the opportunity to sit on the executive committee of the Community Schools Alliance and have had meetings with the Ministry of Education. The research shows the importance of having a school in your community, it adds value to the Municipality and would be a huge loss if it wasn’t available.

If you would like to know more about me send an email to:, or phone at (807) 983-3399. I do have 4 young children, so please be patient as they sometimes are the first to answer the phone ūüôā

Dawn Powell

I am running for Councillor to represent the residents and needs of McTavish Township and to bring a business perspective to the operation of the Municipality as a whole.

I have extensive knowledge of both McTavish Township and Shuniah as a whole. For the past 30 years I have lived in Shuniah with over 20 of those years in McTavish. Before building my current property on Loon Lake, I lived 10 years on Lake Superior. I am aware of the importance of protecting the environment around our water bodies, both Lake Superior and our inland lakes.

I own and operate a real estate appraisal business that provides valuation services across Northwestern Ontario. My extensive experience working with municipalities across the Region has prepared me well for dealing with planning issues, a key job of a Councillor. I am a past member of the Shuniah Planning Committee and the Committee of Adjustment for the City of Thunder Bay.

I also have considerable governance experience. I was President of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce (94-95) and a Board member of the Port Authority; the Ontario Association of the Appraisal Institute of Canada; and the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario.  I am currently  a member of the Ontario Cancer Research Institute and the current Chair of the Thunder Bay Chapter of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

I have considerable experience lobbying senior levels of government, another import role for a municipal councillor. This experience came from my role as Chamber President and as a member of the Appraisal Institute Government Relations Committee.

I believe Shuniah cannot depend on tax revenues from residential properties alone to sustain the municipality’s operations.¬† We must do a better job of exploring other options to sustain the tax base and keep tax increases kept to an absolute minium by improving efficiencies within our operations and expanding the tax base.

Our landfills are nearing capacity and Shuniah is about to embark on a solution that will affect everyone in Shuniah. The solution must take into account development costs for a new facility;  ongoing costs to cap and monitor the closed facilities; as well minimize environmental impacts.

Recently, I discovered that ambulance service is not always available in the municipality. Shuniah-based ambulances can be diverted to Thunder Bay leaving Shuniah without this necessary service. This must be changed.

Specific to McTavish, I want to ensure that the unpaved road at Loon is upgraded to the standards set out in the recent Stantec Pre-Engineering Feasibility Study. I want to see the completion of the public dock at West Loon and the boat launch dredged properly and safely. I also want to end the CP Rail whistle blowing at rail crossings that now have wig-wags installed. The feasibility plan for the Kinghorn Line is outdated and needs to be revisited.

Most importantly, I want to ensure that McTavish has a voice at Council.

Dawn Powell, 219 West Loon Drive, Shuniah, ON                     807-621-0116


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